1.  The manager believes that success in the building industry is far away from Iran compared to the developed countries. It’s natural that the authorities in charge are looking for a solution in this regard. Such that various conferences and exhibitions are held inside and outside the country and lots of money is spent on them. We believe that any technology that can’t compete with its competitors in price, speed, quality and so on cannot have a long-term success and finally it will fail. During the last few years, bad incidences happened and several technologies entered the cycle of producing house and after a while they gave up. By providing this technology, we managed to obtain all Iranian and European legal permits, localize, make staff, implement some working pilots, produce test technology (modular aluminum panels) and its accessories, remove exchange costs and final cost and we reached a favorable results, such that it has been 10 years now that we survived in the competitive market of housing.
    The goal of Euro Star is mass production of the technology and granting agency to all the provinces in the country and even outside the country for attracting foreign currency. Cost, speed and quality (unique structure without rubble) of Euro Star group are its successful experience and we hope that the authorities in charge support us in the building industry with sympathy. Thanks a lot for your visit.
    The head of the board of directors and the directing manager
    Ali Nekunam