1. Euro Star group is honored to provide technical and executive facilities for investors, constructors and finally users of buildings that:
    * The project is finished during one fiscal year, from preparation of land to the key delivery (end).
    * It will cost 30% less than the current traditional and industrial method for the investor.
    * It will cost 60% less than the traditional method for the user (buyer) because it won’t include inflation, the costs of investor and price adjustments.
    * After realization of this matter the building will turn into a consumer good in a short time.
    * The applicant will have a house by making the culture for using small units and by the contribution of bank without the applicants’ presence and merely with bank facilities. The applicant will have a house without bringing liquidity. If we can persuade the citizens in terms of fixings, maintenance and charge of one unit on the one hand and saving energy on the other we can make them be satisfied with smaller houses.
    * The structure with 100% reinforced concrete of connected box and without rubble provides families with safety against earthquake in using the structures of Euro Star technology which is one of our unique honors and it is important in the country where is on the fault.
    * Life of the structures is 150 years or more according to the world standards which is in turn an investment for the posterity and investing on the construction will turn into the national asset.
    * Legalizing the buildings for investors and constructors and making use of them using the new industrial method of Euro Star technology.
    * Making the new generation landlord and encouraging them to make a warm and dynamic family are our wishes and perspectives.
     Hoping that day
    God Willing
    Thanks a lot for your visit
    Head of the board of directors and the directing manager
    Ali Nekunam